Annual Tax Distribution Input fields not available

I had previously accrued the declared distribution for this investment in account 23900/MON0001AU as at 30/06/18 now I have received the tax break-up and when I go back to edit the journal to do the tax split the more details screen only includes dividend items and no CGT items. The asset is 74700/MON0001AU type managed investments Australian and CGT box is ticket. There appears to be something wrong with the account set-up. I am worried that other accounts are incorrectly set-up in the conversion from desktop earlier this year.


Account 23900 is used for recording dividend payments in Simple Fund 360, that’s why there are no Tax Distribution input fields.

From the looks of it, it’s possible that you may have changed the default linked income account (238 ->239) for the security in Simple Fund Desktop and that during the migration process, Simple Fund 360 kept the change you made in Simple Fund Desktop (239).

To change this back, you can edit the control account (74700) in Simple Fund 360 and add a linked Trust Distribution income account (23800) to record the distributions.

Below is a link showing how to add a linked account:

Hope that helps

What was I thinking. Yes I know distribution has to go to 238. Having a blond moment oops can’t say that any more. The asset account is linked to both 238 & 239. Just changed the accrual journal to 238 and it is fixed.