Annual Reviews (where Date has changed - second review in calendar year)

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As some would know, when you lodge a Form 488 to alter the Annual Review Date (most often to align a group of companies to a singular date), if you do this in a particular way you can sometimes have a second Annual Company Statement issued for the company.


On the 8th January this year, we had an Annual Review issued for a company that should have had its date aligned with the other 30-odd companies to 1st June.

We completed this annual review process, including ensuring the client paid their review fee, and then lodged the 488 to change the date.

Now that 1st June has rolled around, we have been issued a second review statement from ASIC - however there is a $0.00 balance because it is within the same financial year as the last review issued.

The issue that we’ve come across, is CAS360 does not seem to be able to receive the second review statement as issued by ASIC as:

Now I am unable to prepare the necessary documents in CAS360 because we still cannot process a review that hasn’t been directly received by CAS360 from ASIC via EDGE.

I know this is a rare occurrence, but should be addressed please.

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Thanks for bringing this up Laneth. I have the same issue with about 15 companies who we have changed the annual review date for.

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No worries Stef, I figured it might hit some folk.

This next sixty days is going to see a good seven-or-eight client groups of about 200-odd companies come in together, and those I’ve already processed this year are going to get rejected and I’m going to have to prepare manually from a word template I created for reasons such as this…

Hi Everyone

With this situation you can email myself and Andy Tam exactly which companies and we can make some changes to allow you to get these annual company statements.


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