Annual Review not received

Good afternoon, we have new clients that have come on board, I received a annual statement and invoice notification in the mail however this has not pulled through to our CAS360.
Is there a way to import it?

Hi @ahanekom

Thank you for your post.

Generally, when you receive an Annual Review in the mail you will not receive this in CAS360 initially.

If you are the registered agent for the company, and the company has been added to CAS360 with the correct review date, CAS360 will automatically re-request the annual review 3 days after the review date. More information here - Annual Reviews have not come into CAS 360 – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

If the company is not in CAS360, add the company, and then manually lodge an RA71 - with the request type set as Re-Issue Annual Company Statement. The review will then come into CAS360

Hope this helps


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