Annual Review not Received in CAS360

Hi there, we have a couple of annual reviews that were not received in CAS360 even though we have received them via the ASIC registered agent portal. I cannot find why this has happened. Does anyone know why this would have happened?

I’m not sure why, but I have a whole heap and a few Invoices that haven’t come in either. I’m about to log a support call as it’s back to 1 February…

Very strange, mine are from 1st Feb but luckily only 2

I have about 10 Annual Reviews that have not been received, dating back to 1st Feb.
However, the Company Debt Report has been updated showing the Annual Review Fees.
Also, the Annual Reviews are showing on the ASIC Portal.
Have logged a Support Call with CAS who have advised it’s an ASIC issue.

My support response;

In regards to your query, there is currently an issue with the ASIC EDGE Mailboxes, which ASIC informed us on Friday. As a result, you may experience the following issues:

  • Lodgements being delayed
  • ASIC not sending Annual Reviews to the ASIC EDGE system
  • Validation Reports not being received in CAS 360 straight away

Please note that the ASIC Portal uses a different system from their EDGE system, and therefore even though documents might be found on the ASIC Portal, it might take longer for the documents to be received in CAS 360 via the ASIC EDGE Mailbox.

Once we have received an update in regards to this issue, we will let you know as soon as possible.

oh that explains it then. Do we know if they will come through once the problem is resolved?

When something like this happens, can you send a message to all users, so that we don’t spend an hour trying to find the source of the problem?

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I’m just a user - that was the response to my support call :slight_smile:

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

ASIC have encountered issue for the past couple of weeks and BGL is constantly monitoring the interim outages.

When BGL receives confirmation from ASIC we ensure this is communicated to clients via the notification banner in CAS360.

If BGL does not receive any confirmation from ASIC, we need to ensure users are not alerted unnecessarily without confirmation from ASIC.

Due to the ongoing EDGE issues out of BGL’s control, will be looking at implementing better monitoring systems for CAS360 users to alert of such outage(s).

Thank you once again for the feedback.

Pablo Rodriguez
Support Manager

This seems to happen to our firm as well - it’s adhoc and generally no reason can be found as to why it wasn’t delivered.

Unless you are running a spreadsheet the annual review can be missed.

If anyone can find out why this continues to happen we would appreciate the update

My manager asked me about this today, having had quite a large list of companies yesterday in the “Review date passed by no review package received” area.

Today they had been received, and I believe that the ASIC EDGE system still operates on the 48 delivery window that they’ve always done. It’s just that CAS360 is vigilant in its monitoring of dates, etc.

Not sure if this applies to anyone here, but just thought that it might relate to some.