Annual Review Comparison Reports

Hey BGL folk,

Not sure if this is something that is transmitted or discoverable by your internal systems, but do you think that it would be possible to get the Company Status for companies on the comparison reports?

In instances like this, I reckon it would be great to have as part of the Company Details section, and possibly flag anything other than Registered with a highlight or as a “discrepancy” maybe to draw our attention to it?

Just my musings from this morning.



Hi @Laneth

Thank you for your post. We are working on another feature that will see the Company ‘Status’ make a return to CAS360.

In regards to the company status for the Annual review, would this work better on the Review screen or inside the comparison report? It would need to be at the top of the report, as we wont have a corresponding ‘ASIC status’

Let me know what you think


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Hey @WarrenRenden,

Thanks for your swift reply! You you think there’s enough real estate in the Reviews screen to display the status, especially for folks with smaller monitors?

When you say if it was in the comparison screen, would you be putting it where the circle, star, or triangle is in this snip:

Much like having the $ owing on the Reviews main screen, it would probably benefit us to see it at the overview stage, just in case it is missed within the Comparison screen, unless it is an alert like the errors one?

Just my thoughts, and thanks for bouncing with me.