Annual Company Statement Signing Date

Hi All,

Just wanting to know if there’s an easy way to leave the signing page of the Annual Company Statement as undated when downloading/preparing. At the moment, it defaults to be dated as the day it’s downloaded, and I know there’s an option to select a different date, but we have clients not wanting to sign as the date we download/select isn’t the date that they sign.

I know we can download to Word and remove that way, but that’s really fiddly.

I believe CAS Desktop used to prepare them as undated, but I can’t see it as an option in CAS 360 - when you try to remove the date, it gives the error ‘Please enter a valid date’.


Hi @l.owens

Thank you for your post.

At this stage the best solution to this issue is to edit the Annual Review template in MS word and remove the date merge field from the template in the signing area. You can choose how you wish for this to display. Then save and re-upload your new template.

Here is the help notes that show how to edit the template - How to edit/change a document template – CAS 360 Knowledge Centre

If you wanted to remove the whole signing area you can do this too.

Hope this helps


Hi Warren,

I’ve just updated our templates - thank you!