An important question for Simple Fund Desktop users!

Hello to all our Simple Fund Desktop users!

We’d love to understand you and your business a little better by asking you 1 quick question.

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Q. What would you say is holding you (or your business) back from moving to Simple Fund 360?

a) Absolutely nothing, I’m already on Simple Fund 360 or soon will be!
b) Pricing
c) Security
d) The learning curve
e) A lack of time to migrate
f) Nothing in particular, you’re just not interested in buying other products
g) Specific functionalities (Please describe the features/functions you like most within Simple Fund Desktop in the comments below :point_down:)

We’d love to hear from you! :grinning:

having both I can tell you for a fact that SF360 is no where near as efficient for processing as Desktop was.

Every single easy desktop fund we migrated to SF360 turned from being ultra efficient to incredibly inefficient entirely due to all the extra ‘stuff’ that has to be done.

The majority of transactions from the feed failed to match meaning we have match all of them manually with no quick and easy way of doing it efficiently.

Other stuff that is hard to fathom (some may have been fixed since the last time I properly used SF360);

  • Realised cap gains not on the TB (So now we have to go somewhere else to check gains/losses or have ‘faith’ that its there somewhere in SF360)
  • Franking & other credits not on the TB (got to have faith here too)
  • Distro EOY components now require all the non-required components (stupidly time wasteful)
  • Distro EOY components almost always end up with rounding issues (Desktop never had that issue - again time wasting)
  • There is no consistency in the names of some reports between Desktop & SF360
  • Reports don’t repeat column titles on each page in sf360 (eg contributions breakdown report - 12 column titles to commit to memory :wink: )
  • SF360 doesn’t follow basic accounting principles eg if I have a transaction selling a security its a credit to the security account but I have to enter the number of units as a positive. (Desktop didn’t get its +s & -s mixed up like that)
  • Financial reports totals lines & double lines are not aligned correctly with the actual #s
  • Most reports are not customisable like they were in Desktop (Many of your layout designs waste a huge amount of page area)
  • EOY Minute is missing the schedule of buys & Sells that Desktop had.
  • SF360 makes it impossible to change an account code (except Investment code) for prior years, results in comparatives not being consistent.
  • SF360 dynamically re-arranges Bank Accounts in smart coding tab making it difficult to instantly know if you are in the correct bank account or not.
    *ATO tax rules still leave you with a requirement to go and edit each and everyone one of them in SF360
  • Rules in SF360 don’t allow you to set the ‘More’ info
  • Australian Broker CSV imports do not work for international shares
  • Deleting a Broker CSV file left behind all the transaction of that import (this could have been a bug)
  • Investments get an automatic liability account account created for pending purchase settlements @ 30 June but no equivalent asset account for pending sale settlements.
  • There is no ability to keep notes on any accounts (A very very useful feature of desktop)
  • Previewing any report resets the filters that you has set prior to previewing. This has to be a bug surely.

It all adds up to a process that takes far longer to undertake than that of the same job in Desktop.

@tcrozier, @tcrozier