Amcor Scheme of arangement

Amcor Ltd became Amcor Plc om June 11
Holding changed from Shares to Chess Deposits
ASX code stayed as AMC
Quantity stayed the same
SRN changed
Registry changed from Link to ComputerShare

I am not sure how to process the corporate action as there is no preset one. I am worried just to change the name and SRN may cause a problem later on.

  1. Balance review is still showing the Registry for the AMC.AX account as Link but correct registry quantity even though when I logon to the portfolio on Link the holding has disappeared.
  2. The Security list shows the AMC.AX account as being linked to Amcor Plc ( even though the registry in balance review displays Link not Computershare)
  3. When I logon to the fund portfolio at ComputerShare it shows the correct quantity on hand for Amcor Plc.

I am not sure if there is a problem with just my fund or if BGL is way behind with corporate actions and registry changes.
Has anyone else processed the Amcor scheme of arrangement?

My understanding is the Balance Review is only up to date at each quarter end date (ie the 30 June details will not be updated until 30 September). So balances are only correct 4x per year, not all the time.

That would probably explain 1, 2 and 3?

Hi Dew,

Since the Amcor scheme does not involve a change of ASX code, no corporate action process is required. The name change has only been reflected on 360 Security Listing.
The Registry information should be updated automatically on a quarterly basis.
If you still experience issue or have any concern, please contact our BGL support.
Kind regards,


Since the company is incorporated overseas now in Bailiwick of Jersey, how do I re-classify it as overseas listed share?

Transaction Recode does not work.