Adviser Service Refunds

I would be interested to recieve comments on an approriate approach where a Managed Fund platform isses a Refund of & Interest payment for adviser fees where no expense was initially claimed for this fee type covering FY 2009 through to 2017. The SMSF no longer has any investments via with the Managed Fund.

Comments appreciated , thanks

Hi Paul,

Specifics would depend on how exactly you were wanting this refund to be recorded but I would expect it to be recorded in some sort of income account.

  • You can either create a new sub-account for the Managed Investment under a control account such as “Other Investment Income”:

  • Or you could create a new income account and call it whatever you would like:

Either way, you can edit the details of the account to change how this account is treated for tax purposes as well.

If you were looking for more instructions on creating new accounts, see Other Accounts.