Address Date Restrictions

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Just wondering if anyone else has come across this restriction in CAS360, and what your workaround has been?

While we understand that a company should not have multiple addresses featured on the same date, it is our position that this should not be completely restricted by the software - the onus should be on us as Agents and/or those looking after the corporate register to maintain registers that show the dates/times and reasons for the change.

I cannot tell you how many clients I’ve had over the years with new incorporations where they’ve provided one address and then changed their mind as soon as the company is registered. Back in Desktop CAS, we weren’t restricted by this and we were even able to choose the time of Director meetings to be able to provide an accurate, traceable timeline for why two addresses appear on a single date.

Hopefully others would agree here, so we can please get this restriction removed.

The only workaround I’ve found in CAS360 is to either put the address change to a different date, or delete the address history (which is ridiculous, tbh)

Hope to hear from folks on this soon.

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I agree! This drives me crazy.

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