Adding new investment - MEB Subordinated Debt Note CET1

Hi there

I am having difficulty adding my MINT Holdings (notes and bonds etc), and in particular this one

  • MEB Subordinated Debt Note CET1 (ISIN AUFN0039459)

I gather I have to add it from scratch as an unlisted investment, but not sure what “investment type” to pick, since it is not a traditional bond, is it “Hybrid Securities with Debt” ???

How much will it matter if I get this wrong…? I understand the importance of classifying bonds correctly because they have differing rules upon disposal to shares etc… but not sure on this one…

Also what Market Type from the SF360 list… Australian Short Term Fixed Interest?
Refer to list in “adding an investment” in SF360 support notes

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I am a SMSF trustee using a Trustee licence for SF360 user so please don’t assume I am an accountant :slight_smile: