Add New Chart Account

The function to add a new account to the chart of accounts seems to have stopped working. Any type of account it opens a new window with a blank screen. Anyone else had this problem?

Hi @DEW,

Try refreshing the cache for you browser:

or seeing if it works in a different browser ( Firefox, Edge, etc.)

Hope that helps

That worked thank you. Seems silly that you have to do that. Another reason not to like software as a service I have had nothing but bad experiences sinse 1999.

No worries, glad it helped.

In my (admittedly biased) opinion, I think that the benefits of using software as a service (access to data from anywhere, no need to update software) would outweigh the negatives of not being on a cloud product.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope that your future experiences with Simple Fund 360 prove to be an exception to the experiences you’ve had so far with cloud products :slight_smile:

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We seem to be having difficulties creating a new ‘Real Estate’ Chart Subcode -
We are apparently supposed to select a minimum of 1 fund, but the entry field is greyed out (I have hovered my mouse over the field so it can be visible on the below screen shot), & ‘attach to all funds?’ is not allowing the checked field to be updated…

I have created the new Investment Property as a security, but this data entry field for New Investment Account is not functioning as we expected atm…

I have tried the above cache reset suggestion - to no avail, as well as attempting to add the chart via the alternative methods (from chart listing page & transaction entry screen) unfortunately with the same result.

Hey @Rosalie,

Just a quick check, have you selected the security you created for the real estate account?

See if selecting the security prefills all those fields for you

Thanks for your prompt response Steve,
…Well I thought I had entered it, so I entered it again (& then again using a slightly different Code) through the investments securities screen, & it doesn’t appear to be saving…?

Hey @Rosalie,

Glad to help.

After clicking where it says “Select Securities”, you will need to search for the created security, select it, then click save. This should create the account and prefill the rest of the details.

If after selecting the security the details don’t prefill, give Support a call and they will find a solution for you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of the reason, but this morning we were able to set the Investment & Chart of Account up.
Amazing what a new day will do!..:slight_smile:

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