Add Form Signatory Name to also add as contact

Hi, I notice when preparing a form 362 CAS360 gives you the option to add a new form signatory name if the person is not already set up as a contact however by doing this it only adds this name to the form being prepared & doesn’t add them as client at the same time meaning you then have to go back & add them as a contact separately. It would be more efficient if it allows you to add them from this screen like it would if you are adding a new contact from say the officers tab it allows you to create the contact from this tab.
Or maybe I am missing something here?

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This is probably a good idea, to be able to add the “Contact” entry at this point, though I believe it may be set up this way as it may have been presumed that an RA71 Data Download (and subsequent import) would follow the 362 - which would then create the contact card.

I could be wrong, but I believe that would be the theory behind not adding a contact at the time of the 362 - especially since lodging the 362 doesn’t require the contact to have any other data besides the name of the signatory (address, dob, etc.)

Just my thoughts on it - but agreed, having the option to add a contact at that stage when typing the name in (like everywhere else in CAS where you type in a contact’s name) would be a good idea. Consistency across the board in form and function.

Agreed this will be imported with the RA71 data download, that never actually occurred to me however that adds another step of going back into the client to input their contact details. The option is there to add all the the contact info from other avenues in one step so just looking for more efficiencies in our processes.

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Hey @Laneth and @MelissaI

Thank you for both for the post

The issue is here data validation and mandatory fields.

Main ASIC forms, like 484, 201, 205 etc all require contacts to have a name and address. Even if it is not on the form, ASIC requires CAS360 to send the data via the API.

In CAS360, when adding a contact you must add a name and an address.

In the form 362, we wanted to support a scenario when the user had the name of the signer, but not the address. So users can just add the name, and still prepare the form. Once the 362 is accepted, an RA71 can be lodged and imported, which will import all the company data.

Hope this helps.


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Makes sense mate, thanks for the clarification.

@MelissaI - Totally understand that. I guess in the instance where you might not initially have all the info, you could still import from the RA71 and then add the missing details to the contact from your other data sources, or create a separate contact entry and (so long as the data matches) consolidate them into the one *more complete *contact entry after the fact? Not entirely efficient, but still a possibility. :confused:

I like the way it is currently. Occasionally we prepare Form 362 for new clients who then don’t want to proceed and don’t sign or return the form 362. It works well that you don’t have a contact recorded in CAS for those directors that you then need to go back to delete.
The RA71 download is an easy way to create the contacts in CAS and avoid any discrepancy in data entry. If the ASIC records are not accurate, you need to then take the appropriate steps to rectify ASIC’s data.