Activity Statement Reporting

I am just wondering why the Detailed Activity Statement Preparation Report doesn’t show the ‘Gross (incl GST)’ amounts paid for unitised purchases of Plant & Equipment and Furniture & Fittings.
I have reviewed the transactions - which have been entered as ‘1 unit’; and the report is correctly identifying the GST component, just not including the purchase amount for each item in these two categories…so the report looks incomplete.

Any guidance would be most appreciated.


Hi @Rosalie

We currently enable this for any accounts that have the following tax label set in the Chart of Accounts:

  • Assets - Residential Real Property
  • Assets - Non-Residential Real Property
  • Assets - Overseas Residential Real Property
  • Assets - Overseas Non-Residential Real Property
  • Assets - LRBA - Overseas Real Property
  • Assets - LRBA - Australian Non-Residential Real Property
  • Assets - LRBA - Australian Residential Real Property

I have passed on your feedback to the development team this feature has now been wishlisted.