Accounting for disposal of a bond

I have been reading the following help document on the accounting treatment of bonds . . and am particularly interested in the example for recording a loss which uses the expense account 33000. This account is not linked to the investment but in the example for recording a profit, a linked account is used. Can someone suggest what the reasoning is as to why the expense account is not linked?

The Master Chart of accounts is full of anomalies like that.

eg in my global view account 33000 simply does not exist and there does not appear to be an appropriate default. So I would assume yours is a custom account. (or yet another BGL chart anomoly)

In my case the last time I had a traditional security loss I used 474 ‘Traditional Securities Losses’ (in desktop SFund) which is 47400 in SF360. (If 474 didn’t exist in the master chart, I would have used 474 to keep it in alphabetical order no doubt)

My advice is back yourself and manually link it. :wink:

And just for fun I find another anomaly moments ago…

Default GST Rate for 33400 ATO Supervisory Levy is 75 (Reduced GST Credits) for crying out loud!


Thanks Freman. Yes I think I will proceed that way. 33000 doesn’t exist in my chart of accounts either. What puzzled me was why BGL hadn’t linked the account in their example. Possibly an oversight on their part.