Accounting for automatic contract note processing

I have set up an automatic data feed share transactions. I can see within Simple Invest 360 that when a contract note is processed it creates entries in the appropriate share account in the balance sheet as well as the Changes in Market Values of Investments account with the P&L. The other side of the entry is posted to 94910 - Investment Movement Data Clearing Account. When I upload the bank account which includes the settlement transaction and try to smart match that transaction, it does not allow me to enter account 94910 to clear the entry. Can someone provide a solution to this problem. Thanks

Assuming the screen looks like SF360;
From Smart Match click once on the bank transaction you want to match against the contract note.
You should see a ‘Search’ button that has a red circle with a number in it which indicates that it has found a potential match. Click it and the next screen will show you all the potential matched including Contract Notes.

Note: The Contract Notes/Bank Transactions are supposed to auto-match providing settlement date on the Notes are within +/-1 day of the bank statement transaction. This can take some time to actually happen, when I manually email the Contract notes to BGL I usually give them at least 1 hour after I can see them in SF360 to perform the the next auto matching step.